Adapt your Coach Week

Your Freeletics Coach always plans the ideal week for you to maximize your progress. To allow you to train based on the equipment and space you have, you have the option of making changes to your training plan before you start a new week.

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Include/Exclude equipment

When you have completed a training week, you have the possibility of choosing equipment that you want to include or exclude from your next week’s training plan.

Before starting your next week, select “Equipment” to open the selection screen. Activate and deactivate any of the following equipment according to your preferences:

  • Pullup Bar
  • Low Bar
  • Pole
  • Box
  • Wall
  • Resistance Band

Please keep in mind that we suggest including exercises with equipment in your training to allow your Coach to create the most effective and varied training plan.


Although we suggest including sprints and runs in your training plan, you have the option of excluding them from your training week. Switch the “Sprints & Runs” button on or off, before starting your next training week, to adapt your training plan.


The Limitations function in the Freeletics Training app has only one purpose: to give truly tired muscles a break for the upcoming Coach Weeks.

Limitations should never be used in cases where there’s a chance of a strain, joint pain, or injury. When in doubt, always see a doctor!

Things to keep in mind:  

  1. The only time that limitations should be indicated are when you are experiencing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
  2. In cases of strain, joint pain, or any injury, don’t use the limitations function, but instead see a doctor and take a break from training.
  3. Whenever you choose one or several limitations, be aware this might have an impact on training variety.
  4. If you need to set limitations, you can do this at the end of every Coach Week when you give your Coach feedback.
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