Adapt your training plan

Your Freeletics Coach always plans the ideal week for you to maximize your progress. To allow you to train based on the equipment and space you have, you have the option of making changes to your training plan before you start a new week.

Navigate this page to learn about the following:

  • Include/ Exclude equipment
  • Enable/ Disable Running & Sprints
  • 2x2 feature
  • Advanced Skills
  • Alternative Exercises  
  • Limitations

Include/Exclude equipment

When you have completed a training week, you have the possibility of choosing equipment that you want to include or exclude from your next week’s training plan.

Before starting your next week, select “Equipment” to open the selection screen. Activate and deactivate any of the following equipment according to your preferences:

  • Pullup Bar
  • Low Bar
  • Pole
  • Box
  • Wall
  • Resistance Band

Please keep in mind that we suggest including exercises with equipment in your training to allow your Coach to create the most effective and varied training plan.


Although we suggest including sprints and runs in your training plan, you have the option of excluding them from your training week. Switch the “Sprints & Runs” button on or off, before starting your next training week, to adapt your training plan.

2x2 Feature

With the 2×2 feature, you can request that your Coach only provides Workouts with exercises that can be completed in a restricted space and without the use of equipment. In order to enable the 2x2 feature, simply tap on the 2x2 icon at the top of your training day. This will exchange your Coach day to an equivalent workout with the same exhaustion level, but excluding runs, equipment, and distance required exercises. You can always switch back to the originally assigned Coach day by clicking the icon again.


For Coach Workouts, switch to the 2×2 version by tapping on the 2×2 icon in the top right corner of the screen. Tap it again to switch back to the normal version of the Workout.


For Coach Workouts, switch to the 2×2 version by tapping on the 2×2 icon below the day at the top of the screen. Tap it again to switch back to the normal version of the Workout.

Advanced Skills

The most challenging Freeletics workouts require Advanced Skills. Try to learn these skills as soon as you can. Unlock these skills immediately if you can do five repetitions in a row according to the technique in the video. You can select between six skills: Pullups, Strict HS Pushups, OH Pushups, Toes to bar, Pistol Squat, Muscleup.

To manage your Advanced Skills, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Select the Coach icon with the "C" symbol in your app
  2. Click on the "You" tab next to "Training Plan"
  3. Click on Advanced Skills
  4. Select each skill that you wish to Unlock or Lock

Once a skill is unlocked, your Coach will consider it for future workouts based on your recent performance, Focus, and goals.  

Even if you do not unlock these skills, from time to time, your Coach will challenge you with these exercises as a Drill session in order to see if they can be implemented into your training plan.

However, if you get assigned an exercise that you are not able to do yet or anymore, you should always give the proper feedback so that your following Coach Weeks are adjusted accordingly.

Alternative exercises

The Coach creates an effective training plan for you, selecting an intensity and order of exercises to progress you towards your goals. If a specific exercise is too hard, you can always switch to the easier alternative version of an exercise. For example, you can do “Sprawls” instead of “Burpees”. To find these alternatives, download the video tutorial for the exercise. After you watch the video, you will see a description of the “Training Alternative” below the video.  


The Limitations function in the Bodyweight app has only one purpose: to give truly tired muscles a break for the upcoming Coach Weeks.

Limitations should never be used in cases where there’s a chance of a strain, joint pain, or injury. When in doubt, always see a doctor!

Things to keep in mind:  

  1. The only time that limitations should be indicated are when you are experiencing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
  2. In cases of strain, joint pain, or any injury, don’t use the limitations function, but instead see a doctor and take a break from training.
  3. Whenever you choose one or several limitations, be aware this might have an impact on training variety.
  4. If you need to set limitations, you can do this at the end of every Coach Week when you give your Coach feedback.


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