Get started with Freeletics Training

After you register and confirm your Freeletics account via email, you can get started right away with the Training app. Just log in to the app and start by answering the on-boarding questions. Depending on whether you have already bought a subscription or not, you can either start your Coach journey right away, or train with free version of the app. To get familiar with the Freeletics training terminology, click here.

Start with the Coach

Once you purchase your Coach subscription, select your Training Journey according to your fitness goals. You can generate your first week according to how many days you wish to train, your available space and equipment. Your first week is a chance for the Coach to get to know you. Based on your performance and feedback after each workout, the Coach will adjust your training plan in the weeks to come. 

The Coach subscription, will also unlock all Freeletics Workouts, Exercises, and Runs to enhance your training experience.

Here is a list of more in-depth articles explaining the Coach experience:

Train with the free version

If you are not sure about whether you are ready to purchase your personalized Coach, you can explore the free version of the app to see what features are available. 

The free version of Freeletics Training provides access to several God Workouts, a limited range of single exercises, as well as runs. How you put together your free training is completely up to you. You have the option to search for specific God Workouts by name or use the filter function to find your optimal Workout.

We strongly recommend purchasing the Freeletics Training Coach if you want to unlock all Workouts, have your training structured for you by the Coach and have warm-ups, cool-downs and intervals integrated into your training plan. 

For more information on getting started with Freeletics, have a look at our Blog.

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