Adapt your Coach Day

When your Coach Day includes distance, equipment, runs, or is too time consuming, you have the option to adjust it by using the Quick Adapt feature. Just tap on the Coach widget  coach_btn.png in the lower right corner of your Day to tell the Coach any restrictions you may have.

Important: An internet connection is required to use this feature.

You can select one or more of the following options: 

  • I have no space - all distance related exercises are replaced, e.g. 20 meter Lunge Walk
  • I have no equipment - all equipment is removed
  • I only have 15 minutes - a new Coach Day is generated that can be completed within 15 minutes, including warmup and cooldown
  • I can’t run - a new Coach Day is assigned excluding runs

Click on “Create new session” to generate your new Coach Day.


Note: This feature has replaced the previous 2x2 function.

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