Freeletics Weights Journeys

Freeletics Weights Journeys are strength-based workout plans that are focused on muscle gain and definition. The training experience is built upon compound lifts as they activate multiple muscle groups with just one movement. These are exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, push press, and rows. The minimum equipment requirements for these Journeys are a barbell, pullup bar, squat rack, and bench.

Your Coach Week will include one or more of these three types of interval trainings:

  • Strength Interval: Barbell exercise with very heavy weight, low reps and long breaks.
  • Hypertrophy Interval: Barbell exercise with heavy weight, medium amount of reps, and medium length breaks.
  • Contrast Interval: Combination of a heavy barbell exercise and an explosive Bodyweight exercise. Long breaks after each set.

You can choose a Journey containing exercises with weights only, or a Journey that combines weights with bodyweight exercises.

Barbell Gain (M)  Barbell Tone (F)

Cardio * Muscle *** - 12 weeks

This is a weight lifting plan focused on muscle growth by combining hypertrophy and strength intervals. A pure gym experience that will target your entire body in each training session. Intense and functional barbell workouts, with an option to incorporate dips and pullups for more effective results.  

Hybrid Strength (M) (F)

Cardio ** Muscle *** -12 weeks

Designed for athletes with experience in lifting weights, focused on gaining strength and building muscle. This Journey will challenge you with explosive bodyweight movements combined with tougher strength training including all three types of weight intervals (Hypertrophy, Contrast, Strength). You can expect slightly longer training sessions than in other Journeys. Equipment is optional for your bodyweight days.

Recommended Weight

The recommended weight for each exercise includes the weight of the bar. For example: Back Squats 40kg (88 lbs) = barbell 20kg (44 lbs) + 10kg (22 lbs) weight on each side

Please note that the minimum lifting weight within the Weights Training Journeys is 15 kg. In the case where you are assigned less than 20 kg, you can use a light barbell.

The suggested weight should only be used as a guide. The amount of weight you actually use should be based on your training experience and your current level of strength and endurance. It is very important to start light and make sure you have proper lifting technique. You can adjust the recommended weight by clicking the edit icon of your working sets before starting the warm up sets.

Warmup sets

It is necessary to properly warm-up for each Weight Interval. For this reason, each Interval starts with three to five warm-up sets. The weight will gradually increase after every set to prepare you to perform at your best during each Interval. If the suggested weight is too heavy, you can give the appropriate feedback between sets.


After each set of weight exercise, you have the possibility to give feedback during the rest period. If you are not able to complete all of the repetitions, you can adjust your next set to a lower weight. Note that it is not possible to increase the weight during the workout through feedback.


  • Lifting technique should be the same as that of the exercise videos. It is important to remember that proper technique beats lifting heavy weight.
  • Time does not matter in weight intervals. Instead, you should focus on perfect technique and taking the necessary breaks to get the right recovery.
  • Even a weight that might feel light will produce results. Maintaining proper tension in the body and targeting the specific muscles involved in the lift should be the primary focus.


Journeys that include weights are full body workouts, which means the Limitations function is not available. You should wait until your body is fully recovered from your previous workout before continuing your Weights Journey.

As an alternative, you can change to a Freeletics Journey that does not include weights so that you can add Limitations if needed. Please note that this will end the current progress in your Weights Journey.

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