Connect with other Free Athletes

When Free Athletes come together, there are no limits and no excuses. Navigate this page to learn about the following:

Freeletics Facebook Community

Creating your own Freeletics community can be a lot of fun, just make sure to check that the group you want to create doesn’t already exist. To do this, you can use the Facebook Search box. Just enter “Freeletics + your city name” to see if others are near you (e.g. “Freeletics New York”).

If you still can’t find an existing community on Facebook, just grab some of your friends and create the first awesome Freeletics group in your region.

Training Spots

The Training Spot feature in your Freeletics Training app enables you to add and find training spots, join training groups, and train with others. Here’s how it works.

Simply open your  app and select “Training Spots” from the free training section. In order to see the training spots near you, you will need to give permission for the app to use your location by tapping “Allow Location Access”. A list of training spots will then appear. Select any of these to find out more details, and to connect to your local Freeletics Facebook group.

If you are not able to find a training spot near you, or you would like to add your own, you can add it directly in the “Training Spots” section. Simply scroll down to the “Share Your Training Spot” form and fill in your training spot information.



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