Purchase and manage your Coach subscription

To purchase your Freeletics Coach subscription, a number of payment methods are available. Once you have added your preferred payment method for your initial subscription, the details will be used for your recurring payments for renewals unless you change this option in your account. You are able to check your subscription status at any time and to change your payment information ahead of the billing for your next subscription period. It is also possible to change the length of time for your upcoming subscription period. 

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Payment methods for Coach purchase

You can purchase your Coach using the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card: You can purchase your Coach simply and securely using your Mastercard or Visa at Freeletics.com. Your credit card information will be encrypted using SSL at the point of transaction. 
  • iTunes or Google Play: If you purchase your Coach directly through your iOS or Android app, the payment will be carried out through the provider of the respective app store. Since these payments are subject to terms beyond the Freeletics payment system, please ask your provider for possible payment methods.
  • PayPal: You can purchase your Coach simply and securely via our website, opting for the PayPal payment method during checkout.

Your Coach subscription will be activated immediately after your transaction is successfully received. At this point, you can complete your Athlete Assessment and then your first week of training will be generated.

In case you wish to purchase your Coach subscription with iTunes gift cards, please contact Apple customer support in advance to ask if this is possible.

Check subscription status

You can always check your subscription status for all of the Coaches within your Subscription Overview when you are logged in. There you will see the next date on which your Coach will renew automatically.

If you purchased your Coach via iTunes or Google Play, you can check your current subscription status in the respective app store.

Change payment information or the subscription period

Purchase via website:

To change your payment information or choose a new subscription period:

  1. Go to your Subscription Overview
  2. Locate your product
  3. In the section "Coach Status", click on "Next Renewal"
  4. Click on the button "Cancel subscription"
  5. Select "Extend your Coach"

After you cancel your subscription, you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation. If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder.

Purchase via App:

If you purchased your Coach on iTunes, to change your payment information or choose a new subscription period, please visit Apple’s “View, change, or cancel your subscriptions” page.

If you purchased your Coach in the Google Play Store, follow these Google instructions to change your payment information or choose a new subscription period.

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