Advanced Skills

The most challenging Freeletics workouts require Advanced Skills. Try to learn these skills as soon as you can. Unlock these skills immediately if you can do five repetitions in a row according to the technique in the video. You can select between six skills: Pullups, Strict HS Pushups, OH Pushups, Toes to bar, Pistol Squat, Muscleup.

To manage your Advanced Skills, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Select the Coach icon with the "C" symbol in your app
  2. Click on the "You" tab next to "Training Plan"
  3. Click on Advanced Skills
  4. Select each skill that you wish to Unlock or Lock

Once a skill is unlocked, your Coach will consider it for future workouts based on your recent performance, Focus, and goals.  

Even if you do not unlock these skills, from time to time, your Coach will challenge you with these exercises as a Drill session in order to see if they can be implemented into your training plan.

However, if you get assigned an exercise that you are not able to do yet or anymore, you should always give the proper feedback so that your following Coach Weeks are adjusted accordingly.

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