Freeletics Coach Explained

The Freeletics Coach is a personalized training plan that uses a state of the art artificial intelligence and will guide you on your journey to reach your fitness goal, whether it is loose weight, get fit, or gain muscle. The Coach adjusts to your fitness level, learning your individual strengths and weaknesses based on feedback you provide after each workout.

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To personalize your training experience, it is important for your Coach to know your height, weight, and date of birth. Whenever any of these personal details change, make sure you edit your Athlete Profile in the settings to keep your Coach up to date.

Depending on your current fitness level and your personal goals, your Coach will recommend several Journeys to choose from. After selecting a Journey, you have the following options to adapt your Coach Week:

  • Number of training days
  • Equipment you have available
  • Limitations
  • Sprints & Runs

Based on your preferences, a Coach Week is then generated from a pool of numerous Workouts, Intervals, Exercises, and Runs. In addition, you will be able to unlock Advanced Skills anytime after generating your first Coach Week.

Coach Feedback

With every workout your Coach learns more about you, especially if you give precise and honest feedback after each training. Depending on the the type of training you do, you will be asked to give feedback about your level of exhaustion or your performance technique. Make sure you take these questions seriously, as they will influence your future trainings.

Training Journeys

A Journey is a training plan designed to help you reach your fitness goal using workouts and exercises that are tailored to you and continuously adapted to your progress. Each Training Journey has a specific focus, duration, and intensity level. The Coach will guide you on your Journey by providing you with a comprehensive and personalized training plan that is adjusted to your current capabilities.

You are able to complete the same Journey multiple times, as well as try different ones depending in your fitness goals. The individualization of the Coach will ensure that every experience is unique and no two sets of exercises and workouts will be the same.

Coach Week

Based on your athlete profile and self-assessed fitness level, your Coach will provide you with a weekly training plan, which you can adapt according to your preferences.

Coach Weeks are technically independent from calendar weeks. For example, you could complete one Coach Week across two calendar weeks, if this works better for your schedule. This allows you to adapt your training routine to your schedule and take breaks when necessary.

To get the most out of your training, consistently follow your Coach plan. At the end of every training week, the Coach will take into account your performance and feedback to optimize your training plan for the following week.

Note that switching earlier or later into the next Coach Week will not affect the length of your subscription.

Hell Week

Hell Week marks the completion of your Journey and provides a personal challenge. You will be assigned seven training days with a full God Workout planned for each Coach Day. This is your individual competition against your own Personal Best times. Focus on going all-out to achieve new PBs and set new records.  

After completing your Hell Week, you will be able to see your achievements, as well as choose your next Journey.

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