Train short and effectively

Shorter training sessions may be lower in the overall volume, but still high when it comes to intensity. Despite all misconceptions, long training sessions do not automatically mean a better training effect. With Freeletics God Workouts, it’s not about how long or short the session is, it’s about the effort put into the session. This follows the principle of “High Intensity Interval Training”: Short, but high-speed workouts.

High Intensity Interval Training puts the focus on speed, rather than volume, to deliver effective results. The graph below shows the difference between high-intensity and high-volume training.


Compare a 100m run with a 1000m run, both at maximum effort. The 100m run is significantly lower in duration, meaning a higher intensity, or speed, can be maintained. However, when it comes to the 1000m run, even at maximum speed, the intensity will be lower. That’s because it isn’t possible to keep up a high speed for so long. A 100m sprint is high-intensity, but low-volume training. A marathon, however, would be considered a high-volume, but low-intensity training.

Shorter workouts mean potentially higher intensity within less time, which makes it  a more efficient way to train.

The Freeletics Coach incorporates these types of Workouts to provide you with an effective training plan that will enable you to reach your goals.

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