Understand the Drill sessions

Regardless of whether you have done an exercise many times before, your movement quality can always be improved. Drills are there to help you practice and perfect your technique without time pressure. Even movements that seem straightforward require skill and practice, which is why Drill sessions are an integral part of your Coach plan. Doing them allows you to be more mindful of your body, muscles, and movement by focusing solely on the quality of your execution.

Additionally, your Coach will also know how many repetitions of an exercise you are able to do perfectly, depending on whether you earn a Star in your technique feedback at the end of each Drill. With this information, your following Coach weeks will be adapted accordingly.

Putting in effort to improve your technique brings a lot benefits that can boost your overall performance:  

  1. Perfect technique ensures that the muscles, which the exercise is designed to target, are employed in the most effective way.
  2. Correct technique reduces the risk of injury and strain on your joints. Even the easiest exercise can cause injury when done incorrectly.
  3. Performing Drills, makes you more aware of the quality of your movement during God and Interval Workouts.

Technique requires patience and consistent practice. Regardless of how long it takes, it is a key factor in achieving your goals!

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