Get more repetitions during a Drill session

There are ways to communicate with your Coach and the feedback function is there to ensure your Coach knows whether you are progressing, as well as how and when to adapt your training. Before you ask for more repetitions of an exercise during your technique session, ensure you can do the exercise with perfect technique. Once you are positive your movement is exactly how it should be, you can do the following:

  1. Go into the free training section.
  2. Pick the exercise of your choice.
  3. Do the exercise and earn a star during your technique feedback.

Once you earn a Star, the Coach will know that you can truly do the exercise with perfect technique and only then will he assign you more repetitions next time. Bear in mind that the maximum number of exercise repetitions during a technique session is 30. From time to time your Coach will still assign you a lower number of certain exercise repetitions. It’s important you don’t skip these. Instead, do your best to execute the exercises as precisely as you can.

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