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In order to make the most out of your training, your Coach will always provide you with an individualized and comprehensive training plan which stimulates your entire body throughout your Coach week. Each workout in Freeletics Gym focuses on either full body, lower body, upper body, or core.

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Strength Workouts

The Strength Workouts are primarily responsible for building muscle and increasing strength. Strength Workouts can be performed with a single barbell. However, two barbells are recommended for ease of use.

The Strength Workouts are grouped together as supersets and compound sets. Supersets and compound sets play an important role in the structure and timing of the Strength Workouts. This type of set structure is very time efficient, as two exercises can be completed in the time it would normally take to perform one exercise.


A superset occurs when two exercises are placed together with little to no rest between exercises which involve the use of different muscle groups and provides you with agonist-antagonist exercises.

Compound sets

Compound sets occur when two exercises that target the same or similar muscle groups are placed together with little to no rest between primary-secondary sets.

Endurance Workouts 

The Endurance Workouts utilize high and moderate intensity intervals through rowing. Each interval has a predetermined distance and rest period. The goal of Endurance Workouts is to complete the interval distances as quickly as possible.

Endurance Workouts are an efficient and effective full body exercise that is capable of improving athletic performance and burning a large amount of calories.

Conditioning Workouts 

Conditioning workouts are a combination of two or more exercises and are performed as rounds. Only one barbell is required and the same weight is used across all exercises. The barbell conditioning workouts are designed to enhance your work capacity and conditioning. The goal of Conditioning workouts is to finish as quickly as possible whilst maintaining proper lifting technique. The Conditioning workouts are named after Norse Gods and Titans.


Challenges consist of time-based exercise challenges. A set number of repetitions are performed as quickly as proper lifting technique will allow. Rest breaks can be taken at anytime, as the repetitions do not have to be completed in one set. Proper lifting technique is extremely important – form should never be sacrificed for speed. Challenges present a great way to test work capacity and allow you to compete against yourself and others.

Rest Periods

Yes, you are able to skip the rests. However, this is not recommended. Building muscle and gaining strength both benefit greatly from long rest periods. You can lift a greater overall weight during the entire workout if a longer rest period is used. Why is performing a large volume load important? Because the volume load of a workout has a direct relationship to hypertrophy (muscle building), and lifting a heavy weight directly relates to strength improvements.

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