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In order for you to experience the best possible Freeletics Gym experience, it’s important that you understand how to use the app to its full potential. Here is a quick tour to get you started with Freeletics Gym.

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Gym app section overview

The Freeletics Gym app contains four sections: Training, Learn the Movements, The Coach, and Your Profile. Each section is represented by an icon on the screen. Here is a more in depth description of each section.

Training Screen

The training screen, symbolized by the barbell icon, contains the 4 types of training that can be performed with Freeletics Gym: Strength, Conditioning, Endurance and Challenges.

Learn the movement screen 

In this section, represented by the graduate cap, the major barbell exercises are broken down into simple steps and movement patterns. The purpose of this section is to help you acquire the skills needed to perform the exercises with the proper lifting technique and maximize your performance.

A ‘spot the mistakes’ feature is also included for each exercise. The mistakes are displayed through the use of images and slightly exaggerated to highlight potential form issues so you get a better understanding of what not to do.

The Coach screen 

This section contains your weekly Coach plan if you’ve purchased a Coach subscription. The Coach offers an individualized training program that takes your goal, amongst other important personal information, and guides you towards it in the most effective and efficient way. A capital C in a hexagon is the symbol for the Coach screen.

Your profile screen 

This screen contains information about your training history, personal bests, training points, and the total amount of weight you have lifted (tonnage). This section is represented by a profile icon. You can access your settings via the ‘cogwheel’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Coach training goals, number of training days, and other preferences can be adjusted in the settings screen. Some of the options included in the settings screen are as follows:

Coach Settings

  • Training Days – Option of 2 to 5 training days
  • Goals – Gain Muscle, Lose Weight, Lose Weight and Gain Muscle, Improve General Fitness
  • Pull Ups – On/Off
  • Dips – On/Off
  • Rowing – Include in coach On/Off

General Settings

  • Preferred Measurement – Metric or Imperial
  • Redo Athlete Assessment
  • Help Center – Information on Freeletics Gym and Frequently Asked Questions 

Free version of the Gym app

The free version of Freeletics Gym includes 4 Strength workouts (Lower Body I & II, Upper Body I & II), 12 Conditioning workouts (Baldur, Elli, Loki, Mani, Nott, Odin, Sif, Sol, Syn, Thor, Tyr, Vor), 3 Endurance workouts (500m Intervals, 500m Ladder, 1500m Pyramid) and 7 Challenges (Back Squats, Bench Press, Bent Rows, Plate Cocoons, Push Press, Sumo Deadlifts, Thrusters). This is designed to give you a taste of the experience that can be enhanced through Coach customization. 
Start slowly and make sure your lifting technique is good. Use the “Learn the Movement” area to help with your technique.

There are many ways to structure a training week dependent on numerous variables, including what your goals are and how often you would like to train.

If you are uncertain on how to structure your training, we strongly recommend using the Freeletics Gym Coach.

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