Use the social sharing feature in Running

After you’ve finished your workout or run, you have the option of adding a comment and a photo to your post, as well as the choice to share this content to your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Of course you can also add your own notes and save to your Freeletics Running profile as a ‘private’ journal about your run.

Step 1: Add a comment and photo

When you’ve finished your training and selected "End run", you will see a screen displaying your workout data, including Distance, Time and Points. Follow these steps from this screen:

  1. Select "Continue" to save your run.
  2. Allow Freeletics Running to access your device’s camera and any photos in its gallery. You will only need to do this step when you first authorize access to your device. After this, your app will recognise hardware permissions already granted to it.
  3. Select the text entry box to add your comment, clicking the ‘tick’ icon on the right side to confirm.
  4. Hit "Take a photo" to open your device’s camera, or upload an existing photo from its gallery. If you do not like the image you have taken, you can always change it by tapping on the photo and selecting an alternative.
  5. Choose "Save run" to publish your photo and your comment within the entire Freeletics Running post for this workout.

Step 2: Sharing post to Facebook and Instagram

Once you have been through Step 1, you will be able to share your entire post to Facebook and Instagram.

  1. You now have the possibility to add a new comment or edit your existing comment. These edits will be viewed on Facebook and Instagram only, not on the post which has already been sent to your Freeletics Running profile.
  2. You can now add a photo or apply one of five Freeletics Running graphical overlays on top of your existing photo. Graphical overlays include information about your run, which workout you have done, the time taken and distance covered. You also can edit your photo from Step 1, and it will only be published on Facebook and Instagram (as with an edited comment).
  3. Activate Facebook and/or Instagram by selecting either of them.
  4. Click "Share" run to prompt the authorization processes with Facebook and Instagram. You will need the Instagram app installed on your phone to allow for authorization to happen, whereas Facebook can make the connection via a mobile web browser.
  5. Your post will first be shared on Facebook. Then the Instagram sharing process will begin. For Facebook, please note that the Running app will only ask once (the first time) for permission to share.
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