Update or edit Running Coach preferences

Number of training days

Yes, you can change the number of training days after each Coach week. Please note that your options for the number of training days in your next week depend on how often you have trained in recent weeks. For example, if in the last few weeks, you have completed only 2 training sessions, you will not be able to choose “6 Training Days” in your next week. This is meant to protect you from over-training.

Returning after a break

Start as if your were a beginner, because your musculoskeletal system has to get used to running again. The workouts will not be as demanding for you, but be patient, because soon you will run more again and the Coach will also begin asking you to do more. In the event that you take a longer break from training during a Coach subscription, you should reset the Coach and start with a completely new training cycle in order to not overload yourself. Please contact our support to do this.

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