Equipment needed for Freeletics Gym

Freeletics Gym requires minimal equipment that is commonly found in most commercial gyms. Barbells, plate weights, a rack, a bench, dip bars, a pull up bar and a rowing machine. That is all you need for a Freeletics Gym session. If you have these at home you can perform Freeletics Gym sessions at home. Additionally Freeletics Gym allows you to remove rowing, pull ups, and dips from your training plan to better fit your needs and adapt to your available equipment.

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Replacing barbells with other equipment

A barbell should be used instead of dumbbells or plate weights. However, exceptions can be made in the case where a light barbell is not available and the standard 20 kg (44 lbs) barbell is too heavy to perform an exercise. In this instance, an exercise can be performed with an EZ bar, dumbbells, or plate weights, but the session cannot be given a star as the movement standards will have not been achieved. Part of the movement standards required include using the appropriate equipment to perform the exercise (i.e., a barbell).

However, a barbell should be used as soon as you are physically strong enough to perform the exercises with proper lifting technique.

Remove/add rowing, pull ups, and dips

Yes, rowing, pull ups, and dips can all be removed from the Coach. This can be done in the Coach settings section. Rowing, pull ups, and dips can be removed or added again at any time. In order to remove pull ups and dips from your training, navigate to your Coach Settings within the app, select “Pullups” or “Dips”, and select “0 to 4” from the menu. It is recommended that rowing be included in your training program, and pull ups and dips should be added as soon as you can do them. Please note, to add these into your Gym Coach plan, you must select one of the options indicating you can do 5 or more. The movement teaching guide offers easier forms of pull ups and dips to prepare you to perform the proper versions.

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