Your Running Coach: Explained

Evolution of Training plan 

The weekly Coach plans are based on a 12-week training cycle. After the completion of this cycle, a new 12-week cycle will begin, which adjusts to your increase in performance through the achieved training progress. This means that training is still optimized for the training focus, but the intensity of the training increases continually.

Coach Week

The Coach week is a training cycle customized to you, which tells you exactly how you have to train in order to reach your training goal as quickly and effectively as possible. The training plan will be provided to you by your Coach on a weekly basis. This weekly plan, which you can open in the Coach section of the Freeletics Running App, is called the Coach week.

The plans are designed so that the training effect is maximized if every unit of a Coach week is actually completed within 7 days. If you do not finish the training workload in a single week, it is possible to take a longer amount of time for your Coach week. Furthermore, you also have the option to start the next Coach week after just 5 days if you were able to finish the training earlier than planned. Nevertheless, you should always make sure that your regeneration phases are of an adequate length.

Partial Workouts

For these workouts, only a part of the entire workout should be completed. There are different reasons for these partial workouts:

  1. You are a beginner or not very far in the training process and you should not yet take on such a high volume of running.
  2. Your goal is to be faster and you should run higher intensities with lower volumes.
  3. You are in a week that has a slightly reduced volume in the units in order to correspond to the whole plan.

Hell Days

“Hell Days” are days on which the Coach instructs you to do 2 training units. Normally, weeks with Hell Days contain three training days each with 2 units. Since two training units per day are very demanding for any athlete, we recommend having rest days between the Hell Days in order to allow your body to regenerate. If you complete all three Hell Days in a row, this could lead to overloading.

Hell Week

“Hell Week” means that the Coach instructs you to do 7 training units in a single Coach week. The last training day even has 2 units – again, this is called a Hell Day. You should definitely plan enough time for training during this week. The following week will be much easier  and you will have more time to regenerate again. Then you can take the next step on your path to greatness, whether for running or in general, once your batteries have been recharged.

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