Freeletics Ambassador program

Freeletics Ambassadors are distinguished members of the Freeletics community. They demonstrate a particularly active role engaging with Freeletics, have vast knowledge of the Freeletics products and live the Freeletics lifestyle. They are ready to act as role models to other Free Athletes in their city or region.

Being a Freeletics Ambassador involves collaborating on an official basis to foster and maintain the Freeletics community on- and offline. Freeletics Ambassadors will motivate other Free Athletes to (1) train together, (2) get better and stronger, and (3) share their experiences on social media. The Freeletics Ambassadors furthermore become contact points for questions or doubts in the community and are the pillar of our offline communities.

The profile

  • Be an active and experienced Free Athlete
  • Inspire and motivate others through his/her athletic journey in the Freeletics app
  • Have extensive knowledge about the Freeletics brand, products and workouts
  • Be a social media guru (ideally you have a blog, or a relevant social media presence)
  • Demonstrate significant engagement in the Freeletics Community (offline and online)
  • Organise regular training sessions in his/her area
  • Become a  point of contact for community activities like events, meet ups and training sessions
  • Be eager to contribute to the Freeletics success
  • Be Extrovert and friendly
  • Contribute as a Team player with high commitment and motivation

Freeletics Ambassadors help us maintain and foster our community through diverse activities. To thank them for their contributions, Freeletics Ambassadors receive a special package of incentives and benefits including but not limited to:

  • Access to first-hand information & exclusive content
  • Access to the Coach of the Freeletics products
  • Official Freeletics Ambassador distinction
  • Special discounts
  • And more…

How can I become an Ambassador

If you are ready to contribute, grow , and foster our amazing Freeletics community and think you’re up to the role, don’t hesitate to complete our ambassador application form.

For further questions, please contact directly.

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