Training days per week in Freeletics

Yes, you want to progress quickly. But wanting to do more often becomes too much.

That is why you can only choose up to 5 training days per week. We want to encourage you to get enough rest and give your body a break to regenerate. If you still want to do something on your off-day, work on your technique or mobility. It will help you to attack the next Coach week even stronger.

Do I have to complete my Coach training plan within 7 days ?

We recognize that our athletes have busy lives that might interfere even with the best training schedule. That’s why you can extend your Coach Week beyond 7 calendar days.

But if you want to get better results quickly, we recommend to follow your Coach and complete your weekly session schedule within one week. However, you decide when to proceed to the next week to get new training instructions.

Note that switching earlier or later into the next Coach Week will not affect the length of your subscription.

How many days should I choose ?

You can choose between 2 to 5 training days per Coach Week. You are able to change the number of training days at the end of every week in your feedback. If you feel you still have some energy left for another training day at the end of the week, you can of course add a workout. But please listen to your body and make sure not to overdo it. If your body shows signs of overtraining, it’s better to slow down and take a break to fully recover.

If you’re doing other sports in parallel, be sure to leave some space in your week for complete rest days. This will allow your muscles the chance to fully recover.

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