Redo your Athlete Assessment for the Bodyweight Coach

If you took a long break from training or if your fitness level has changed, you can redo your Athlete Assessment. This means that your Bodyweight Coach will generate your next training weeks solely on the basis of your current fitness level without considering any factors from the past.

Redoing your Athlete Assessment will end your current week and start a new Coach week. This will have no impact on the length of your Coach subscription.

If you happen to start directly in the “Hell Week”, please redo your Athlete Assessment again to move into the next week. 

To redo your Athlete Assessment

  1. Go to the Coach section of your Bodyweight app
  2. Select “You”
  3. Tap on “Redo Athlete Assessment” at the bottom of your screen

You will then be asked to answer a series of questions. Please answer these questions honestly, as they will determine the starting level of your new training plan.

Please note, that redoing your Athlete Assessment will move you into your next Coach Week, but it will not reset you back to Week 1.

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