The Bodyweight Coach training system

The Bodyweight Coach Training System is designed to help you meet your individual goals.  

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  • Coach Focus
  • Individualization
  • Coach Feedback
  • Partial Workouts
  • Alternative Exercises
  • 2X2 Feature
  • Hell Days and Hell Weeks
  • Advanced Skills

Coach Focus

When you set up your Coach, you also select your personal Coach Focus: Cardio, Strength, or Cardio & Strength. Based on your Coach Focus and profile (gender, age, Athlete Assessment), the Coach generates your first Training Week.


To personalize your training experience, your Coach chooses from various Workouts, Intervals, Exercises, and Runs. Depending on your current fitness level and your personal goals, Workouts are adjusted and Intervals are designed just for you. In addition, your Coach will give you individual Exercises and Runs.

Coach Feedback

With every training your Coach learns more about you, especially if you give precise and honest feedback after each training. Depending on the the type of training you do, you will be asked to give feedback either about your level of exhaustion or your overall performance. Make sure you take these questions seriously, as they will influence your future trainings.

Partial Workout

Your Coach may plan partial Workouts as part of your training in any Coach Week. For example, the Coach may give you Aphrodite 2/5. In this case, the standard Aphrodite Workout has 5 rounds, of which the Coach has assigned you 2 rounds to complete. The partial Workouts are very important for your personal progress. Your Coach optimizes the volume of your training to maximize its efficiency. This allows you to perform even faster and to quickly get used to the combination of exercises. Then you’re better prepared for the real challenge – when you have to face a full Workout later on.

Alternative exercises

The Coach creates an effective training plan for you, selecting an intensity and order of exercises to progress you towards your goals. If a specific exercise is too hard, you can always switch to the easier alternative version of an exercise. For example, you can do “Sprawls” instead of “Burpees”. To find these alternatives, download the video tutorial for the exercise. After you watch the video, you will see a description of the “Training Alternative” below the video. 

If you are not able to do a Run, just switch to the 2×2 version of your Coach Day.

2x2 Feature

With the 2×2 feature, you can request that your Coach only provides Workouts with exercises that can be completed in a restricted space. In order to enable the 2x2 feature, simply tap on the 2x2 icon at the top of your training day. This will exchange your Coach day to an equivalent workout with the same exhaustion level, but runs and distance required exercises are excluded. You can always switch back to the originally assigned Coach day by clicking the icon again.


For Coach Workouts, switch to the 2×2 version by tapping on the 2×2 icon in the top right corner of the screen. Tap it again to switch back to the normal version of the Workout.


For Coach Workouts, switch to the 2×2 version by tapping on the 2×2 icon below the day at the top of the screen. Tap it again to switch back to the normal version of the Workout.

Hell Weeks

During a Hell Week there is just one goal: Beating your Personal Best. You will be asked to perform seven days of full Workouts. Focus on two things: perform full Workouts in your absolute best form and at maximum speed. Your Coach will know when you’re ready for a Hell Week. Accept the challenge and go all out!

Advanced Skills

You can find some challenging movements in the Advanced Skills section of your Coach. Try to master the technique of these movements as soon as possible. You can unlock them by activating the respective skill. Your Coach will then integrate Workouts, Intervals, and Exercises which include this movement into your training plan.

Here are the Freeletics Advanced skills:

– Pullups

– Strict HS Pushups

– OH Pushups

– Toes to bar

– Pistol Squat

– Muscleup

Unlock these skills once you master five repetitions in a row exactly following the range of motion pre-defined in the video. Your Coach knows your strength and endurance levels and will propose this kind of training as soon as you are ready.

If you, however, get an exercise skill that you are not able to do yet or anymore, you can always deactivate it and your next Coach Week will be generated accordingly.

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