Get started with Freeletics Bodyweight

After you register and confirm your Freeletics account via email, you can get started right away with the Bodyweight app. Just log in to the app with your Freeletics account email and password then decide on training with Coach guidance or trying out the free version to explore some limited features.

Start with a Coach

By purchasing a Coach subscription, you will get access to all Freeletics Workouts, Exercises, and Runs for the time period of your subscription. More importantly, you will get weekly training plans that will adapt to your individual goals and progress. Your Coach will start your Freeletics journey, helping you become the best version of yourself with motivation and recommendations custom to you.

Start without a Coach

How you train using the free version of the app is up to you. The free version of Freeletics Bodyweight includes 11 Workouts (Aphrodite, Ares, Dione, Metis, Athena, Krios, Morpheus, Nyx, Persephone, Prometheus and Zeus), 12 Exercises (Crunches, HH Squats, Knee Pushups, Sprawls, Burpees, Pushups, Situps, Squats, Burpee Squat Jumps, Jackknives, OH Pushups and Pistols) and 3 Runs (Free Run, 200m and 5K). This spread is designed to give you a flavor of the experience that becomes enhanced through Coach customization. 

Start slowly and make sure your technique provides a foundation for improvement. Use the training videos to help with your technique. There are many ways to structure a training week and they depend on numerous things, including what your goals are and how often you would like to train. If you are uncertain on how to structure your training, we strongly recommend using the Freeletics Bodyweight Coach. 

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