Get your basic package

To get you started on your Freeletics journey, we provide a set of exemplary workout plans based on the free version of the app. But first you need to finish your registration.

If you did not receive your first set of instructions, these steps serve as a check for a successful registration:

  1. Have you received the confirmation email after registration?
  2. Have you confirmed your email?

If yes, maybe you will just have to wait a couple of days more for your next email. The Freeletics Bodyweight basic package training plan emails are sent out once a week. So if you signed up on a Tuesday for example, you will receive your first instruction email the following Tuesday. If you still can’t find the email, please check your spam and deleted messages folders. Some of our emails end up there due the “Free” in our name. Adding to your contacts would help you to receive the email.

If you chose not to receive any emails from Freeletics when you created your Freeletics account, you will not receive the basic package. You can switch on your newsletter subscription in your profile settings on our website.

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