Dangers of overtraining

Overtraining is caused by continuously training very high volumes and/or at a very high intensity in conjunction with insufficient recovery times that are too short and/or too few. Stress factors that affect other aspects of life contribute to the development of overtraining. Although no single diagnostic scheme exists, overtraining is commonly classified as a kind of burnout. It is a malfunction of the nervous and hormonal systems, which manifest themselves in deep exhaustion, headaches, sleep and concentration problems, greatly increased or greatly reduced heart rate and decline in performance. If you suspect you’re affected by overtraining, it is important to pause and consult a physician immediately.

The only way to prevent these symptoms is to take regular regeneration breaks. Sufficient, high quality sleep and a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals are the alpha and omega!

So allow yourself to relax, take short training breaks regularly, instead of one long one. If you do not take sufficient recovery, you run the risk of falling into overtraining. The dangers are then – in addition to the symptoms named above – fatigue fractures, injuries and increased susceptibility to infection! And if you become overtrained once, you will need weeks or months until your capacity is fully restored.

**Individual results may vary. Every person has unique experiences, exercise habits, and eating preferences, and will apply the given information according to their personal situation.

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