Say no to drugs

Drug consumption should be a no-go for any Free Athlete anyway, but we cannot stress this point enough.

Anyone who has used drugs the same day or the days before a workout exposes himself to an incalculable risk. High intensity training has a strong impact on the body: nervous system, hormones, heart rate, blood circulation, metabolism and muscles are in full swing. Therefore the body is in a highly sensitive state. Drugs can disrupt the triggered processes massively, even reverse them and cause false reactions. Cramps, dehydration, high pulse up to heart attack, breakdown of striated muscle tissue, up to kidney failure, disturbance of pain perception and motor skills (which can lead to injury), loss of coordination, sending of incorrect or missing impulses are only some of the known consequences that training under the influence of drugs can lead to. Also, you should refrain from using medication and substances that are said to have performance-enhancing and stimulant effects. Apart from a high addiction potential, there is little known about their real effects, which represents a risk that can´t be estimated. In particular, substances bought via the internet are potentially dangerous, as they often provide little insight into their ingredients, and even conceal facts. The biggest threats are disturbance of heart rhythm and nervous activity.

Since drugs and performance-enhancing substances, their physiological effects, duration of action and elimination time are unpredictable, residual substances can still be found in the body days or weeks after ingestion. Therefore the effects mentioned above are likely to occur during a prolonged period. Don’t forget that most of these substances are poisons and should have no business in the body of a Free Athlete. Freeletics and drugs are the biggest contradiction ever – it should be easy to choose the right way.

**Individual results may vary. Every person has unique experiences, exercise habits, and eating preferences, and will apply the given information according to their personal situation.

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